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Hello dear friend, my name is Nathan Moore.

Welcome to your personal copy of Astral Manifestation Ascension.

1. To get started, scroll down this page, and download these tracks onto your computer or device by right clicking on the download buttons and saving the files. I highly recommend that you listen to these audio files using headphones, as the sounds works best this way. 

2. The changes you are about to experience are mind-blowing, although it may take a couple of sessions before you begin to see the effects in your life. If you have any queries, you can email and I'll get back to you within 48 hours.

3. Scroll down and let's get started on your journey with the resources below. 

Looking forward to your manifestation success,

Nathan Moore.

6 Astral Ascension tracks that ​Keep You in

the Astral State 24/7

1. Unstoppable You Track (Success)

Confidence & conquering fears. We all have things that hold us back. Things that scare us. But do you know that the wealthy and rich has fears too? It's how they deal with it when it arises. This track will help you to view fear differently and to summon your confidence as and when you need it in life.

2. Victory Cleanse Track (Success)

If you play not to lose, you probably will. There is a big difference between playing to win vs playing not to lose. These are the meta beliefs of the rich and wealthy. This track helps to KILL off all un-supporting money beliefs that you have been holding on to since you were young. Literally washing off the negatives.

3. Millionaire-in-you awakening track (Success)

Allowing yourself to deserve and receive success in your life. One of the self-sabotaging patterns most people have, is they don't practice being an excellent receiver. This track enables you to reframe and recondition your beliefs that you are ENOUGH. It helps with your self-worth and self-esteem when it comes to money.

4. The Midas Touch Track (Wealth)

How to Ultra Rich think about money. Do you realise that whatever the ultra rich does, they win? How do they spot opportunities and avoid the ones which don't work? How do they consistently create success time and time again? This track will help to install the powerful beliefs the ultra-rich have.

5. Fountain of Opulence Track (Wealth)

Keeping the wealth you have generated. The easy part is making money. The hard part is keeping it. Do you know people who have businesses but are broke? If you don't have the habit or beliefs of sustaining your wealth, you'll easily lose it as soon you made it. This track allows you to sustain your earnings and cut off the unnecessary spendings that doesn't serve you.

6. Astral Wealth Generator Track (Wealth)

Summary: It creates the thought pattern that tells we CAN achieve “1% Wealth.

Now that you have generated your pot of gold, how do you continue to multiply it? This track allows you to gain insight and attract more lucrative opportunities so you can continue to scale and build your wealth. It truly brings you to the next level.

​BONUS ​1 - The Astral Wealth Archives​

​1. The Astral Tome

​Your Astral Manifestation Companion

The Astral Tome is your manifestation companion. A journal for you to count your blessings. Have you heard of this old saying "What you focus on expands?" The more you focus on your successful manifestations, the more you will attract it into your life.

2. ​As a Man Thinketh by James Allen

​Millions of readers have experienced the power of James Allen's As a Man Thinketh. The book's simple, forthright ideas have touched hearts and even changed lives for more than a century -- and today they continue to point the way toward a fuller, richer, more compassionate existence.

3. ​The Science of Getting Rich by W.D. Wattles

​Discover timeless wisdom and practical prosperity information from a long forgotten classic book from 1910. Discover the secrets of the law of attraction. "The Science of Getting Rich" is the book that inspired Rhonda Byrne's bestselling work "The Secret."

Bonus ​2 - Empowered Profit System by Nicholas Anderson

1. ​The Complete Empowered Profit System

This audio creates a deep, unshakable belief that YOU will achieve a great 6 or even a full 7-figure income. After listening, you’ll suddenly see yourself as a top “1 percent” earner.

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