"Health is the ​CROWN on a healthy man's head that only a sick man can see

​My friend.

Before you go on to manifest to your heart’s content…

I have ONE LAST QUESTION for you.

Have you heard of people who are extremely rich,

But it comes to health and relationships, they are ​BROKE?

I mean…

What is the point of making all the money in the world when you don’t have good health and good relationships with people to enjoy your wealth with?

​I want to share with you a personal story about my distant uncle.

You see, my uncle was a rich man.

Growing up as a kid, my family would visit him two to three times a year. He stayed in a luxurious mansion and owned several really cool cars.

He was a business man and money would be the least of his problems. That was the impression he gave me all along.

Over the years, my uncle would possess more and more properties. However, he would have the entire house to himself.


​That’s because he didn’t have a good relationship with his wife.

Often times when we visited him, he would get into arguments with his wife over little things.

​And boy, my uncle has a really hot temper.

He would shout and kick things.

I didn’t really like that side of him.

They ended up divorcing ever since.

Over time, my uncle would start indulging in alcohol every single day…

From early hours in the morning.

All the way til he goes to bed.

​The loneliness and bad relationships he have with people would eventually eat him up slowly.

I would still visit him once in awhile after school and I could see his mental and physical health deteriorate over time.

In the next 3 years…

He would end up bed ridden because of his liver problems and sadly after…

​He passed on.

Not only did he lose his health and relationships.

He lost his fortune as well.

Over the years of drinking and numbing himself, his business got affected and eventually closed down.

In fact, he was in debt.

It was really sad but at same time, it was an important lesson for me.

NEVER forget about my health and relationships during the pursuit of money, wealth and success.

​You see, it is really common to forget other areas of our life when we are hustling.

Often times most people would even forget the main ‘reason' why they even started in the first place.

And if you go down the wrong path, you would end up losing up everything.

The story about my uncle has inspired me to not forget about my health and the relationships with other people.

And I hope it does the same for you.

Even though he has a hot temper and the way he dealt with people wasn’t pleasant.

He has a special place in my heart and I know if he were to have a second chance to do things all over again,

He would remind others to not put "health and relationships" on hold while pursuing their wealth and success.

To honour my uncle, I have created this final series of Astral Manifestation.


Now, I really RESPECT YOU for coming this far.

And I want you to know that you totally deserve to have a g​reat life, not just when it comes to being wealthy.

I want you to have vibrant health and enjoy the freedom that a healthy body brings.

I want you to have beautiful glowing relationships with the people around you.

Your colleagues.

Your friends.

Your parents…

Your spouse…

Your kids…

And even the people you have not yet met, but are meant to bring happiness and joy into your life.

And I know you want it too​!

You WANT to be able to SPEND the money you’ve manifested without sacrificing your health.

To travel the world in a perfect physical state.

Where you feel good and ALIVE.

You deserve to share your moments of success with the people you love.

And not alone.

Because it’s lonely enough at the top.

Astral Manifestation Helix binds the missing pieces of the puzzle together with your wealth.

So all the key areas of your life…

would become COMPLETE.

Now, I’m not asking you to start dieting,

Sign up for an expensive gym membership.

Or to start sending flowers to everyone you know.

Well, you could.

But remember that I shared with you about ‘invisible creates the visible?’

Your health and your relationship each have it’s own homeostasis as well.

If you are not getting favourable results in any of these areas…

It’s probably something to do with your current default state.

Astral Manifestation Helix helps you to effortlessly re-wire it and set it at the new level where you will start to see your hearts desires come true.

Choosing the ‘right' steps to take with your health and relationship will no longer a challenge.

Unhealthy cravings or bad habits will be easier to change.

And you’ll realize that you suddenly know what’s best for you

My friend.

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No hidden costs,

​No extra charges or anything like that.

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INNER PEACE will now be your default state.

L​OVE and ​JOY will now replace your stress and frustrations.

If you ask me, thousands of rich people are willing to pay millions of dollars in exchange just for these.

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Simply email me and I’ll issue you a refund.

No questions asked :)

We have come to end of our time together…

And I’m so happy that you understand the importance of health and relationships

Everything is just going to get better for you starting from now.

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