How To Transfer Money FroM


(Using This 11 Minute 'Astral' Secret)


That was the amount I’d lost OVERNIGHT three and a half years ago.

From being a family man with a stable job, everything had been reduced to ashes OVERNIGHT.

My wife took my kids and left me.

I had gotten demoted in the very same week.

My world was filled with darkness…

And I entertained thoughts of ending it all, right there at that very moment.. Until I met Tony!

Dear friend,

Perhaps you are going through a very tough time right now…

Overwhelming debts…

Losing your job…

A failed business.

Bad health…

A relationship that have just ended….

Or the persistent frustrations that only you alone would fully understand.

Regardless of the reason.

I believe that the universe have sent this your way.

That’s right.

As a child of the universe, you will NEVER be forsaken.

And help is here today.

Because believe it or not, there’s no such thing as a coincidence.

You are here because you are READY.

What’s more interesting is…

The universe has laws.

Just like gravity.

If you let go of an object, it’s going to fall.

Even if you don’t believe in it.

It’s going to happen.

The same goes for the law of growth.

If you feel that you are struggling with something.

It’s a good sign that you are about to breakthrough.

Think about it…

Just like nature, thunderstorms forces the saplings to deepen their roots..

As a result of that, the sapling becomes stronger and is able to grow to higher heights.

The same goes for you.

Your roots have deepened.

And it’s time to breakthrough!

You are about to discover the 1% eternal universal law…

That only a minority of people understand.

The good news is….

Once you understand this secret, attracting money into your life will become effortless.

The floodgates of wealth will be unleashed.

Abundance will overwhelm lack.

And the areas of your life which you have been wanting to improve, will FLOURISH.


The days of quiet desperation will finally be over.

The days where you have been struggling with debt.

Or any kind of financial difficulties will be REVERSED.

Fear, stress, and worries will no longer cloud your mind.

As assurance and inner peace will replace your new reality.

Where manifesting $100, $500, $1000 or more is entirely possible because of this one universal law.

Think about this….

How would having these extra money create an impact in your life?

You could give your kids and loved ones anything you want to give them…

Be there for your family financially whenever they need you…

You could bring your family and friends on exotic adventures….

Best of all, fulfill the desires you have always dreamed about!

And these are just the tip of the iceberg,  because money will no longer be a problem for you anymore!

I know that you may feel distant from your goals and aspirations…

But if you continue reading this, you’ll soon realize that they are closer than you thought!

Even BETTER, you will discover that you DON’T NEED to change ANYTHING!

I just need you to promise me ONE thing.

You have to let go of your thoughts.

“What thoughts?”

Yes THOSE thoughts.

The same thoughts that says “Nah, it’s too good to be true.”

Because when your mind is filled with thoughts like these. 

It STOPS you from MANIFESTING what you want!

Think about this…

When was the last time you wanted to do something but didn’t in the end.

Only to regret and kick yourself in the foot because you witnessed those who took action actually succeeding?

Once you let go of those thought, you’ll be able to create space for the new possibilities that are about to happen in your life right now.

Just like the old saying.

If you want to welcome the new, you need to empty your cup.

Because once you have done so, manifesting anything you want would be as simple as waving a magic wand.

And it will be as easy as copying from your mind and pasting it into your new reality.

Hi! My name is Nathan Moore.

In this limited time together, I'll be sharing with you how this GRAVE mistake of mine let me to unravel a 1% secret that CHANGED my life forever! - And how you can too.

Now, you wouldn’t want to be taking advice from a total stranger would you?

Let me share with you my story real quick.

You see, 3 and a half years ago, things were completely different.

I was living a normal life.

A stable career which I have been loyal and faithful to for the past 12 years.

It has given me the stability to sustain my family.

My wife Jessica, and my two kids. James and Yuna.

They have always been my main source of motivation.

Honestly, I hated working because the only time I could be with my family, was during Sundays.

As a managing trainer of the fast-growing company, I had to work an extra day on Saturdays to oversee the new employees and ensure that everything went smoothly.

I was even awarded with 'MOST hardworking staff’ of the month several times.

I knew that if I were to continue with my job, I would eventually watch my kids grow up and not be able to spend time with them.

As a believer of this saying, “your kids are only young once”,

I had looked for alternatives to get out of this endless “rat race”.

I told myself…

If I had more money, I could quit my job and spend more time with my family.

That was my biggest desire in that period of time.

I was all “money-driven” and never believed in “luck" or any kind of spiritual stuff.

The only inspiration I had, was to invest in the stock market or any opportunities that come my way.

One day after work, my friend Andrew was dropping by in town and asked to catch up.

As he was my oldest friend and he knew my family…

… I decided to invite him over for dinner.

We haven’t seen each other for months and the moment he arrived, I knew something had changed.

I could already hear the loud engine of his brand new sports car as he arrived.

It was a shiny red Ferrari 458 Spider.

He parked his car and walked over with the confidence of a SUPERHERO.

My jaw dropped.

I was dazzled and happy at the same time to see him.

You see, the thing is, we grew up together and our families were both poor.

We hustled jobs and shared a common dream of becoming MILLIONAIRES one day.

But ever since I got married and started a family, that dream of mine slowly diminished as my priority changed.

“Uncle Andrew!”

My kids rushed to him as they were happy to see him too!

As my wife prepared dinner, I couldn’t help but ask…

“Dude, you look great! Did you win the lottery or something?"

Andrew replied, “Hell yeah. I beat it twice!”

“Just kidding.”

He said, “Look. 6 months ago I began investing in this cryptocurrency thing.”

“Believe it or not, I invested everything I had and in the last 3 months the price has gone up at least 6 times!”

“Uncle Andrew!”

My kids rushed to him as they were happy to see him too!

As my wife prepared dinner, I couldn’t help but ask…

“Dude, you look great! Did you win the lottery or something?"

Andrew replied, “Hell yeah. I beat it twice!”

“Just kidding.”

He said, “Look. 6 months ago I began investing in this cryptocurrency thing.”

“Believe it or not, I invested everything I had and in the last 3 months the price has gone up at least 6 times!”

“You gotta do it man!”

I was spell-bound.

During the entire time at dinner, I literally interrogated Andrew on how this thing worked as it was new to me.

That night I couldn’t sleep.

All I could think of, was how much money I could be making from this cryptocurrency thing.

The new house that my family and I could be staying.

The exotic trips I could be bringing them on...

The higher education I could afford for my kids...

The luxurious gifts I could be getting for my lovely wife...


I lost sleep that night, but it was worth it.

I decided to take a shot.

The next day, I opened an account and allocated 2/3 of my savings into buying the “coins” Andrew had recommended.

I had extremely high hopes of making the kind of money he did.

Every few minutes, I would hit the ‘refresh' button to check the price.

It was steadily going up, just like Andrew said it would.

In my mind, I was thinking.

I'm SET for life!"

That night, I had the best sleep in years!

The next morning.

My alarm clock rang.

It was 6:00am.

I sprung out of bed immediately and checked the price for updates.

I was excited to see how much money I had made while I had been asleep.

“WH… WHAT!?"

My neck froze in fear and I was in disbelief.

I hit the “refresh" button again to double confirm what I was seeing.

I couldn't believe it!

The price had DROPPED to almost nothing OVERNIGHT.

The coins that I had invested in, had CRASHED.


I was devastated and I didn’t know what to do.

I have lost my savings which were meant to allocate for my kids future plans OVERNIGHT.

I'm so stupid!

How could have I trusted Andrew?!

"Why did this happen to me!?"

After lunch…

My boss called me into his office.

He told me. “Nathan, I’m afraid I have some bad news for you.”

At that moment, nothing could describe the kind of terror I was going through.

“I'm afraid you are being demoted.”

“See, our board of directors have decided to hire an external trainer to oversee the new staff so we could allocate more funds to the growth of the company. It will be good for all of us in the long term.”

“Good news is, you have an extra day off.”

I sighed deeply and said “yes sir.”

It was the worst day of my life...

The entire world was against me and I didn’t know what I had done to deserve that.

For the next weeks, I kept my lips sealed and I wouldn’t dare to tell my wife the truth.

I wanted to look for other opportunities to try and make the money back to replace what I had lost.

Occasionally, I would still hit the ‘refresh' button to see if there was any miracle.

Nothing changed and one day my wife found out about the truth.

We had a BIG fight and she decided to bring our kids to her mother's place.


I felt ALONE.

I lost all sense of hope and never have I felt so POWERLESS...

And so SMALL in my life before.

I dragged my heavy feet out the door, I decided to go to a nearby bar to drink my problems away.

As I entered the bar, I looked around me and most folks were celebrating the early weekends ahead.

I decided to sit at the bar counter which was rather far away from the crowd and ordered a pint.

Suddenly a voice reached out to me from the end of the bar counter.

“You're going to be fine.”

I looked up and I saw this man with long black hair who was wearing a feather hat, almost like a Native American Shaman.

He was smoking a pipe and holding on to a glass of beer.

His name was Tony.

Tony smiled at me and said, “Funny how life works isn’t it?.”

“One moment you’re sky high, next moment you are at the lowest point of your life.”

He immediately got my attention.

It was as though he knew what I was going through, even without me telling him anything.

We continued to chat and I shared with him my situation.

“Do you know we live in 2 dimensions at the same time, Mr Moore?” he asked.

At first I thought he was drunk, but as I continued to listen, whatever he said made so much sense.

“This world,” he tapped on the bar counter.

And “this world”, as he pointed at the smoke which he exhaled from his pipe.

“The physical world which you see now, is the end result of what you have done in the Astral world.”

“It is the invisible that CREATES the visible.”

“And the most powerful forces in this world, are the things we can’t see.”

“Forces like love, light, healing.”

“You cannot physically see it.”

I replied, “So what do I do? Become a monk or something?”

He began to laugh hysterically.

“Give me your email address, I’ll send you something.” He said.

“Before you sleep tonight, listen to this and let me know how it goes.”

I was curious and skeptical at the same time, but in the end I listened to it.

He had sent me an audio track which was rather soothing and there was a voice narrating it.

Almost like hypnosis.

I couldn’t really comprehend the messages as I was super relaxed and if felt good.

Other than that, nothing particular happened that night.

Over the weekends, all I could about was how to make my money back which I had lost in the bad investment I made.

As I was making coffee, my boss suddenly called.

He sounded guilty for some reason and asked if I could speak for a minute.

“Nathan, look. There has been some issues with our external trainer and he wouldn’t be able to proceed with our contract. Would you be willing to oversee our new staffs again as managing trainer of the company? I’m sorry that I had to put you through this.”

I was stunned.

“ye… yess! Of course!” I said.

“Great! I’ll see you on Monday!”

He hung up the phone.

For the next 5 seconds, I thought to myself.


That was unexpected.

I immediately used my smartphone to email Tony.

I told him that I got my position back and asked if we could meet up again on Monday evening.

Throughout the week, inexplicable things began to happen as well.

My wife decided to bring her kids back and we made up!

My son received a letter of invitation to play for a national hockey team!

My daughter had a standing ovation for performing a fur Elise piece in school!

It was like a domino effect of positive things happening to me and my family!

The next time Tony and I met, my attitude toward him had changed completely.

He was like mentor to me.

I listened to every single word he said.

Especially about how this whole manifestation thing works.

He said, “You see Nathan, just within a day you managed to manifest a couple of good things without even doing much.”

“That's because you were tapped into the right frequency by listening the the audio I sent you.”

"Most people are just trying to fix things in the physical world and they completely forget that there is another aspect to it.”

“Others have also tried meditating for years but similarly didn’t get the results they wanted.”

That’s just because they are trying to fix things in ONE realm they forget there is actually a BRIDGE between these two.”

But thankfully, with today’s technology, scientists are able to now measure brain waves, energy frequencies which we weren’t able to see before.

It is shown that the best frequency for optimal effective manifestation is between 7 - 8Hz.

And that is none other than the Astral State.

The “Astral state” is what BRIDGES the invisible and the visible.

It is also the bridge between our conscious and our subconscious mind.

Our present self and our higher self.

Whatever you have always secretly desired, will be transported and manifested into this physical realm effortlessly.

The only shortcut is to able to tap into it.

In order to achieve this state of mind, you can either train your brain to tap into that state, which is going to take several years.

Or you can just use what I've sent  you.

It was obvious that chose the latter as I didn't have to meditate daily.

“But Tony. Are you sure you are okay with sharing this secret with me?

What if I shared this with my family and friends?”

I asked.

“Of course. It’s my gift to you. You can do whatever you want with it.”

Since that day, I never saw Tony again.

I’ve sent him countless emails, re-visited the bar and even tried to search for him online.

He disappeared.

As if he was a guardian angel in disguise sent to rescue me!

I spent the next couple of weeks listening to the audio day in and out.

Not only that, I shared the audio with my family and friends and plead them to listen to it.

The problem is, some of them would end up not manifesting what they wanted.

It bothered me because I couldn’t understand they weren’t able to get results.

Eventually, I got more and more obsessed with the problem and decided to decipher the track myself.

As a part-time music lover, I had some audio engineering knowledge and I was able to figure out some technical defects.

It was a good thing that I had a sensitive ear.

Maybe that explained why it had worked for me and not others.

It also led me to the discovery that if I added a couple of additional boosters in this track, it would make the frequency stronger and more susceptible for most people.

After months of re-designing, testing and perfecting the track, it finally worked without fail!

Not only did it begin manifesting QUICKLY for the people around me,

The amount of positive events I was able to attract was stunning.

I managed to recover my money lost in the investment, because Andrew offered to repay me as he won the lottery.

Yes. This time for real.

I also started a new side venture where I was able to manifest an extra $50,000 income monthly!

Eventually I was promoted to senior manager for my company where I only have to work 5 days a week, with a higher pay.

6 months later, I was doing so well with my side venture, I decided to leave my job and we have since moved on to living in our new dream home.

It all began with the willingness to try something new.

And it has now became my mission to spread this positive, life-changing gift with beautiful people like you around the planet.

Introducing Astral Manifestation!

A perfected cutting-edge audio technology that has helped thousands of people like you, to instantly tap into the Astral state and begin manifesting your heart’s TRUE desires.

Recently, I received a happy review from one of our members Jennifer.

"All these new age stuff is pretty new to me especially for someone who is extremely particular about proof and numbers. I tried many things to save my business, ran out of options and long story short, I decided to give your product a shot.


I’m angry because I didn’t try it earlier!!!

2 weeks ago, I was still struggling with my business and I was losing money really quickly. But after listening to the audio, new customers started to come. God knows from where.

My financial situation has completely been changed, and now we are in the midst of expansion with a 2nd store!

You are a life savior.

From the bottom of my heart.
Jennifer. L”

You see, monks, spiritual practitioners and yogis have easily spent over 10,000 hours to master this state.

That is equivalent to 27 years if you devote 1 hour a day!

But if you are like me, you have work, you have family and other areas of your life,

There is no way you can get into this state in a year.

Heck, not even in a decade!

Unless you are ready to quit your job, isolate yourself and spend countless hours to master the Astral State.


You could simply hit the “play" button and let the technology do all the work for you right now.

Within minutes of the track running, you will immediately be tuned into the right frequency suitable for manifesting.

On top of that, you don’t even have to think.

You just need to listen to the audio.

That’s why we have different tracks for different purposes.





Lucrative opportunities…

EVERYTHING you desire in your life.


All you have to do, is set aside 11 minutes every single day when you wake up and allow it to start your day!

You can even do it during your lunch break, or right before bed.

There are NO LIMITS.

See, the thing is this.

Most people think that once they practice law of attraction or visualization, miracles will start to happen immediately.

I used to think that way too.

I’ve even spent thousands of dollars on books, courses and even law of attraction coaches. 

But i’ve realized that, it is inevitable to devote loads of time to master it.

Because Manifestation is still a “SKILL".

That is UNLESS you let Astral Manifestation do all the heavy lifting for you.

And you can carry on with other areas of your life as usual.

Which is why I mentioned earlier, you don’t even need to change ANYTHING!

Skip the 27 years of trial and error.

All you need to do, is hit "PLAY" and begin manifesting RIGHT away!

Just like what one of our happy user James said!

Hey Nathan,

I don’t know where to start.

I have tried listening to audios similar to these… But it never once worked for me.

But like you said, to let go of what I used to believe… I did exactly that, emptied my cup and BAM!

This morning, I opened my mailbox and received a $6000 cheque for a painting I leased in a museum months ago. It has been there for 8 months and I was beginning to lose hope. Never would I expect that someone will buy it. Your product is truly a miracle!

I can’t thank you enough Nathan.

James Allen

Here’s another one by Jerry...

I grew up in an environment where money was always not enough. My parents had divorced because of money. I hated the thought of money and it always makes me feel negative.

Recently I’m on the verge of signing the divorce papers with my wife.

But it all changed.

Ever since listening to your audios a few days back.

I don’t feel negative anymore. I was able to talk nicely with my wife and we decided not to proceed with the divorce.

That was yesterday.

Weirdly, I also realized that whenever I talk about money now, the negative emotions and flashbacks are all gone.

I know it’s a good thing and the beginning of something better.

Thank you so much Nathan.

- Jerry Nolan

Look, these are just the tip of the iceberg for the hundreds of success stories we get on a daily basis.

In fact, I can already foresee yours coming.

Just by using Astral manifestation, it will begin to shift your reality to the one you have always wanted.

I know what you are probably thinking right now.

What do I get in the system?

How much does it cost?

Will this work for me?

Well you see, when I created Astral Manifestation, I wanted it to be really simple, powerful and time-efficient.

Yes. The track Tony gave me was powerful, but it was kinda long.

Just like most hypnosis or meditation tracks out there.

It was about 40 minutes and I almost fell asleep half way through.

I wanted it to be shorter yet have the SAME POWERFUL EFFECT or more.

That’s because I believe most people are busy.

And they barely have time for themselves or their family.

I get it.

That’s why I re-designed it in such a way that any ordinary person could get results from listening to it.

In Astral Manifestation, there are 2 different components.

Astral Deliverance tracks and Astral Restoration tracks.

If there is an area of your life that you want to specifically target, you can use the Astral Deliverance tracks.

It allows you to magnify and manifest specific areas such as Abundance, Money, Success and even health.

Each track only lasts 11 minutes and 11 seconds.


The law of alignment.

Even the duration of the tracks are designed in a way to have optimum effect on your manifestation as well.

Astral restoration tracks are designed for more flexible manifestation.

If there are any areas of your life which you want to start attracting abundance, you can use those tracks.

It comes with 4 different kinds of ambient moods you can choose to your liking.

Above all, when you use any of these tracks, you IMMEDIATELY jump light years ahead and match the same energy frequencies to that of a MASTER IN MANIFESTATION.

Just “hit" play and let the proven system work for you.

Think about it…

With Astral Manifestation in your possession,

You no longer have to spend thousands of dollars to attend classes like meditation, law of attraction or visualization.

Or spend ten thousand hours just to master it.

Our member Lionel can testify to that.

Hi Nathan,

I just want to say that over the years…

I’ve invested easily over $20,000 on flight tickets and expenses for spiritual retreats, classes and programs.

While it has all been a pleasant experience but NONE of these are even close to your astral manifestation product.

This is a god-sent gift. You have my thanks!


Do you still remember the first conversation I had with Tony?

At first I was skeptical when he told me to listen to the tape.

But he said, “How many more days of quiet desperation are you willing to have? Do you really want to go another year of not hitting your true potential?”

“And if you do nothing. Who will you be letting down?

Those words changed my life.

And that’s the reason why I know you are different.

Because you are still here.

That means you are truly committed to taking a different step and changing your life for the better.

For that reason, instead of charging $1000 for my Astral Manifestation system, which is easily worth at least $2000 - $3000 for similar products in the market?

I want you to KEEP it for yourself.

Use it to buy a nice gift for your husband or wife.

Use it for your kids.

Take them to a nice place or exotic location.

Because very soon, you’ll be feeling as abundant as this every single day by using Astral Manifestation.

To admire your commitment…

And to honor our paths crossing,

Just for TODAY!

I’m going to give you a miracle discount!

That’s right.

You are not going to spend $1000.

Not $500.

I’m not even going to ask you to pay $100!

Like I said, just for today only I’m going to give you a miracle discount!


The price of a meal!

Consider this.

$37 in exchange for financial miracles

Where you are manifesting $100.


$1000 or more.


Not forgetting the infinite abundance of possibilities you now can have!

So if you are ready to start using Astral Manifestation to change your life, CLICK THE BUTTON below right now!

There are probably a couple of doubts on your mind right now.

Things like how long before you can begin to see results.

When you start using the audio tracks, things can begin to happen immediately.

Our members have shared their experiences.

Before their manifestation happened.

Some of them saw ‘messages'.



Or ‘signs'.

These can happen randomly throughout your journey.

When you’re crossing the street.

When you are scrolling through social media.

When you are having a conversation with your friend.

Or even checking your phone and realizing that the time is 11:11.

However, a word of advice.

Don’t put a time frame on it.

Because the universe works in it’s own mysterious ways.
It knows what's BEST FOR YOU.

Just like how it sent you to this page, because it knows you need it.

Sometimes, things happen when we least expect it.

For example my wife Jessica.

When she started to listen to the audio.

It didn’t happen the next day for her..

It took her about a week but whatever she manifested came back 3 times fold!


Right now, I only care about you taking these steps to manifest your heart’s desires.

If you begin using them, it will work.

Just like cause and effect.

And for some reason if it doesn’t?

I’ll gladly refund you your money back.

When it comes to delivering my best, I have 100% confidence in my work, more importantly I believe this will deliver massive value to you and your loved ones, if not I don't want your money.

You are completely covered and you have absolutely NOTHING to lose.

So if you are ready to tap into the Astral state now and begin manifesting in just 11 minutes, then act now and click on the button below!

There are no shipping, handling fees or any hidden charges.

You don’t even need to wait for 7-10 business days to receive the product.

It is already waiting for you in a downloadable format when you click on the button below.

Which means you can begin using it immediately!


Imagine having the cash in hand to order whatever you on the menu.

Imagine having the financial capability to book a flight and hop on to a plane anytime and anywhere you want.

Or having so much money that you will NEVER have to worry about your finances ever again!

This can ALL BE YOURS if you CLICK on the button below right now!

Not only will you secure the miracle discount, you’ll also be fully covered by my 60-day money back guarantee.

My friend, I can’t wait for all these good things to happen in your life and I will be waiting for you to share with me your success story.

Click on the button below right now to begin manifesting your deepest desires!

Still Deciding?

You see, I've designed it in such a way that you don’t need to spend hours upon hours reading a book to figure out how it works.

We live in a fast-paced world now where we are being overwhelmed with work and everything else.

With our free time, we want to be able to spend it with our loved ones or doing the things we enjoy isn't it?

That’s exactly why I narrowed it down to just 11 minutes a day.

By the time you are done reading this, you’ve probably spent about 10 - 15 minutes, which means you could have already completed a manifestation BOOST using the audio.

Above all, I want you to be living the kind of life you’ve ALWAYS wanted.

To REWARD you for coming this far...

I’m even going to GIVE YOU you a JUICY bonus! - Because the universe REWARDS those who are willing to invest in themselves!

So if you click on the button below right now, you will receive a special bonus! Only today!

Rising from the ashes is a $97 guide which helps you BREAKTHROUGH your limitations and achieve success on YOUR OWN TERMS.

It is also the perfect companion that will elevate your emotions so if you use it alongside the audio tracks, you’ll be able to SUPERCHARGE your manifestation results!

And it will ALL be yours if you...

Click on the button below right now to secure your $97 bonus + Entire Astral Manifestation System for just $37 today! 

See you on the other side! 

To your wildest dreams,
Nathan Moore

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